Harvesting the Egyptian Stock Exchange during the past week


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The harvest of the Egyptian Stock Exchange during the past week, today, Friday, March 13, 2020 04:39 pm

The Egyptian Stock Exchange witnessed many events during the past week, and in the next report, “Akhbar Al-Youm” portal monitors the stock exchange’s harvest during the week.

Performance indicators
Market capitalization decreased The Egyptian Stock Exchange About 44.7 billion pounds during the sessions of the past week, to close at the level of 599.8 billion pounds, a decrease of 6.9% from last week. The market capital of the main index fell from 349.2 billion pounds to 317.3 billion pounds, a decrease of 9.1%, and the capital fell to the small shares index The average is from 196.4 billion pounds to 184.8 billion pounds, a decrease of 5.9%.
The capital of the broader index also declined from 545.6 billion pounds to 502.2 billion pounds, a decrease of 8%, and the market capital of the Nile Stock Exchange went down from 1.5 billion pounds to 1.4 billion pounds, a decrease of 1.6%.

The main index fell The Egyptian Stock Exchange EGX 30 rose by 9.34% to close at 11,194.12 points, and the Small and Medium Equity Index EGX 70 fell by “equal weights” by 6.54% at 1096.22 points.

The “EGX 100” index decreased by 7.42%, closed at 1172.81 points, the “EGX 30 Weighted” index decreased by 9.51%, closed at 12789.84 points, and the Nile Stock Exchange index fell by 2.05% to reach the level of 625.30 points.

With regard to trading, the total value of trading on the Egyptian Stock Exchange declined to 13 billion pounds during the past week, while the amount of trading amounted to about 990 million papers executed on 95 thousand transactions, compared to a total value of trading of 15.6 billion pounds, and the amount of trading amounted to 1.029 billion papers executed on 113 thousand transactions during the past week.

Nile Stock Exchange
As for the Nile Stock Exchange, the total value of trading in it reached about 7 million pounds, and the amount of trading reached 6 million executed papers on 670 transactions during the week ended; shares accounted for 21.07% of the total value of trading inside the cabin, while the value of trading in bonds represented about 78.93%, According to the weekly report of the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

The trading totals of the companies listed in the stock indexes were distributed between 2.2 billion pounds in the main index of the stock exchange with a volume of 653.5 million executed securities, and the number of operations 54.2 thousand transactions, and the turnover value of “EGX 70” reached about 410 million pounds, with a trading volume of 205.6 million securities executed from During 30.3 thousand transactions, the turnover of “EGX 100” reached about 2.6 billion pounds, with a volume of 859 million executed securities through 84.5 thousand transactions.

Disrupting the Egyptian Stock Exchange

Yesterday, Thursday, March 12, the Egyptian Stock Exchange management decided to suspend work due to a wave of bad weather conditions in the governorates of Egypt from Thursday to next Saturday.

The Stock Exchange confirmed that, in light of the bad weather conditions, it was decided to suspend the work on the Stock Exchange yesterday, Thursday 12 March 2020, and that work will return on Sunday morning, 15 March 2020.

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