Harry Kane raises controversy .. and a “mysterious future” with Tottenham


Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane has said that he may leave his English club if he does not develop in the right way, given his desire to win titles “sooner rather than later.”

Kane has scored 181 goals for Tottenham in all competitions, averaging about 30 goals per season since entering the starting lineup in 2014, but has yet to win any title with the London club.

The England striker extended his contract with his club for 6 years in 2018, which means that he is bound by a contract until 2024, but he admitted in an Instagram question-and-answer paragraph with Jimmy Redknapp, a Sports Sports analyst, that he did not guarantee survival if Tottenham did not succeed.

“I will love Tottenham constantly, but it is one of the things,” Kane said. “I have constantly said if I don’t feel like we’re developing as a team or going down the right path then I’m not going to be the one going on there just for that.”

“I am an ambitious player, and I want to develop and become better. I want to become a high-level player so it all depends on what happens to the team and how we will develop together.”

He continued, “So it is not certain that I will stay there forever.”

Kane came close to winning the title when he reached the League Cup final in 2015 and the Champions League final last season, but lost two times to Chelsea and Liverpool, respectively.

Kane said: “We have been saying for several years that (Tottenham can win the trophies with this team). We have a great squad but for one reason or another we did not win these titles.”

“It is difficult to accept that as a player and as a person. I want to win everything. When we get close to winning and it does not happen, it will be difficult to continue building.”

Tottenham, who dropped out of all cup competitions this season, is eighth in the Premier League, seven points behind Chelsea, fourth in the Champions League spot, the last place in the Champions League.

Kane recovered from a back thigh muscle injury after undergoing surgery and was expected to return to action next month, but the entire league was halted due to an outbreak of the Coruna virus until at least April 30th.

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