Hanan Turk: There is no way out of the Corona crisis, except in this matter


Despite her rare appearance, the Egyptian artist Hanan decided
Let go, come out and comment on the Corona virus crisis facing the world, which the world lives
In horror because of her.
“Hanan Turk” posted a tweet via
Her account on the Twitter site, tweets, indicating the reason for this
The crisis and the way out.
“Turk” wrote, “I updated myself a lot
In those difficult days, on the authority of the Prophet of God, Yunus, and his great supplication, in which he cries out in all his unity
And with all unification, “There is no god but You, Glory be to You, that I was unjust.”
And the Egyptian artist added in her tweet: “What
The most urgent of all humanity is to say and shake its foundations with its meanings … There is no way out of oppression
Only by admitting guilt and referring to God. ”

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health and Population announced
High number of cases whose laboratory results have been transformed from positive to negative for a virus
Corona (Covid-19) to 196 cases.

Dr. Khaled Mujahid, Advisor to the Minister of Health, revealed
Population for Media Affairs and the Ministry’s spokesperson, out of 18 cases, including two foreigners, and 16
An Egyptian infected with coronavirus from the Isolation Hospital, after receiving medical care
Needed and recovered according to WHO guidelines, bringing the total recovered
From the virus to 150 cases to date, out of the 196 cases whose results were converted in the laboratory
From positive to negative.


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