Hanan Turk from Corona: There is no way out of darkness except by referring to God


The crisis of the spread of the Coruna virus, and the difficult conditions it caused for everyone at the present time, restored the retired star Hanan Turk To social networking sites after being away from them for a long time, calling on everyone to refer to God to try to get out of the current crisis.

Hanan Turk wrote through her account on the site “Instagram” “I talked a lot to me in those difficult days about the Prophet of God Yunus and his great supplication who cries out with all his oneness and with all monotheism that there is no god but you Glory be to you I was one of the oppressors. … there is no way out of the injustice except by admitting guilt and returning to God. “

Hanan Turk
Hanan Turk

The actress Hanan Turk, last year, revealed her return to her fans during the coming period in a new way, according to what she said through her official account on Facebook.

Hanan Turk announced that she will be in touch with her fans and followers every Thursday, through a live video that answers all questions, and also asked her followers to subscribe to her official channel on YouTube, in order to watch all the videos that will appear to them.

She also asked the public not to be drawn into the accounts that impersonate her by saying, “We ask everyone to be careful about what is published from me and me, as I have only one official and documented page on Instagram and Twitter, and this account is on Facebook, and it is being documented, and I am not responsible for anything published Except on these officially documented accounts. “


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