Haitham Saeed: My wife did not know how to cook


The singer Haitham Saeed admitted that his famous song (They are their money, O Laila), is not his favorite song in the middle of his artwork, explaining that his feeling towards the song was a success but did not cause his fame.

Haytham said: (With a sense that a song is their money between us, O Lail, it is the one that succeeded, not me, and I changed the song, especially because it included a large constellation in the work team, but the one after which I was responsible for it).

The singer Haitham Saeed also spoke, in an interview with the program (Nafsnah), with the artists Amy Salem and Nolia Mustafa on the Cairo channel and the people, on Sunday evening, about his family and marital life, saying: (My wife doesn’t know how to cook and doesn’t eat at all, as I solved the problem, neither cooking nor eating, and also She loves chicken only, and it eats very lightly).

Haytham said that his son used to “eat and eat his mother” because his wife could not cook, and that the matter also came with him to prepare his clothes and everything related to his personal appearance, adding: (I love doing my need for myself, and when someone is going to show me something I need to refuse).


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