Haifa Wehbe introduces the cupcake method at home


You try The artist Haifa Wehbe Amusing herself through the house stone, and not leaving the house to limit the spread of the Corona virus, as she prepared the method of making chocolate cupcake.

Haifa Wehbe published videos via the “Story” feature on her account on Instagram, from inside her kitchen as she prepared cupcakes, and explained to her fans how to prepare it at home.

Haifa Wehbe
Haifa Wehbe

Haifa Wehbe sends her fans a message by posting pictures of their pets from dogs and cats for some to abandon on the roads, where many think that they are transmitting a human virus to the Corona virus, explaining that the World Health Organization denied this, and that it only transmits happiness, and they do not deserve to abandon them.

Haifa Wehbe published a photo of a dog wearing a muzzle, through her Twitter account, and commented, “The World Health Organization confirmed that dogs and cats do not transmit corona to humans.”

Haifa added that many people leave their animals on the roads because of that, saying, “But in Kattar uncle, they will leave their pets on the road … spread pictures that make sure to the world that they only convey happiness and do not deserve to abandon them.”

It is noteworthy that the Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe and the rest of the family of her Ramadan series “Light Black”, are waiting for the resumption of filming during the coming period, especially after the work was completely stopped, due to the preventive safety measures followed by the Lebanese government, and its rejection of any actions based on gatherings, where the work is filmed Completely there.

Haifa embodied in the events of her Ramadan series “Light Black”, the role of “Rania Khattab”, who is one of the largest families of the speech of owners of companies and factories that export food, and at the same time she is the sister of Sharif Salama and the wife of Mutasem Al-Nahar.

The series “Black Luminous” is written by Amin Jamal, directed by Karim El-Adl, and co-starring Sherif Salama, Rogina, Ahmed Fahmy, Motasem Al-Nahar, Sabry Fawaz, Omar Al-Saeed, Faras Saeed, Rania Mansour, Hussam Al-Jundi, Hanan Suleiman, Nancy Salah, Nasser Saif and Nabeel Nour Al-Din. Work events take place in a social framework that does not Not without suspense.


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