Habish Akkar: stick to your homes and apply instructions before it is too late


Representative Hadi Hobeish wrote a message on social media, saying: “A message from the heart to my family in Akkar, today and after five days of stone in my home in Adma, I went out exceptionally because of my meeting with my colleagues, Akkar representatives in Halba. I set out at one in the afternoon towards Akkar and it was The road is almost empty until I arrived at the entrance to Akkar, where I was surprised, as usual, with the traffic jam on Al Abdeh Roundabout towards Halba Square.

He added: “When we decided to write the statement of the meeting, I insisted on stressing the sons of Akkar to abide in their homes, as is happening in all regions. Minutes ago my phone rang and a doctor of the Rafic Hariri Hospital in Beirut was telling me that the fifth case of Akkar had reached them and that the information portends the worst and things are so It continues like this, you are going to disaster. “He concluded: “Therefore, I go to every one of you, rather, please, and with all love, commitment to homes. The topic is neither a game nor an easy topic, the issue is dangerous and leads to disasters on our people. I address the municipalities, the mukhtars, the doctors, the activists and all

Those concerned with us and all of you have an obligation to raise awareness before we arrive, God forbid, to the disaster. ”


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