Guidance to the Ministry of Health on the packaging and transportation of corona-infected bodies – Al-Manar TV site – Lebanon


The Director General of the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon Walid Ammar issued a memorandum containing instructions for packaging and transporting human corpses suspected of being infected or confirmed to have coronavirus infection, considering that the virus remains alive for a period that may extend for hours (not to exceed 48 hours, according to the World Health Organization), through the splashing of droplets. While preparing and washing the body.

In the shrouding stage, the memo warned that “the necessity of not being exposed to the deceased’s fluids and the proper use of condoms during the preparation and shrouding of the body, in the event that the shrouding process does not require washing.” And if the shrouding requires washing, an insulated robe covering the entire body with the arms and glasses should be placed Protective or mask, muzzle and gloves. ”

Then, during the transportation phase, the memo called for packaging the body in a tightly insulated plastic bag, followed by cleaning the surfaces and equipment with soap and water to remove contamination from blood residues or body fluids, then sterilizing them and disinfecting the equipment used including the transport vehicle in the event of direct contact with the body, That the body be transported from the washroom directly to the cemetery. ”

As for the funeral and consolation stage, the dead body should not be touched, the edicts should be limited to the immediate family members, and only my condolences via phone or social media.

The memo indicated that “there is no need for extraordinary burials in terms of the depth of the grave.”

Source: National Information Agency


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