Greetings to me, I was so hard .. Art stars celebrate Mother’s Day


Yousra and her mother

Every year every year celebrates the Mother’s Day, which many use to express their love for their mother, and to praise her merit over them, and each has their own way, and among them were the stars of art.

And the “New Day” monitored the most important congratulations of the artists on their mother on the occasion of “Mother’s Day”.

Diana Haddad said on her official page of the microblogging site “Twitter”: “After you, the flower of the flower will curve me and shine for the sun, O my world … God have mercy on you Mama, O light of Haldonia, have mercy on my grandmother, and all the mothers who have left the world, and preserve all the mothers of the world and stray crowns at the head of their children and their families .. Spend your time with your mothers and fathers, for the moments you never return. “

As for Amr Saad, with some influential speeches, he was keen to congratulate his mother, so he published through an Instagram a picture of her, and commented on her saying: “Peace to the mother who was seriously hardened, and whose patience was greater than all the difficult circumstances, and who were innate in defending her children with full force even if she was wounded and bleed pain and fatigue .. A mother whose age did not affect her child a day far from her bosom, and whose instinct of their success was stronger than anything, peace for the mother who bet on her health and age and broke all mirrors and who deducted from her comfort years of peace, for the mother who denied herself with all power and landed her ambition on the door of God .. for the mother Who relaxed after your comfort and rejoiced after your joy and succeeded with all your success .. And what do I think about that? AMD lost keeps do not know the need for it has earned everything a minimum and the Hereafter .. peace for every mother made his men hard peace for every mother knew preserve and favors and donated happiness and incite life sweet and discoloration of the world and give happy and love .. and peace to my beloved mother. “

As for Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, he published an image of his parents’ collection, through his official page on “Instagram”, commenting on it, saying: “Mama, O, Mama, O, Mama.”.. My peace, my respect, my kisses.. Happy new year, may God bless you.

Donia Samir Ghanem was keen to celebrate her mother, the artist Dalal Abdel Aziz, so she published on her official page the photo and video exchange site, a picture that her sister Amy and their mother Dalal Abdel Aziz collected, and she commented on her saying: “Every year, you are good, O our King … Our Lord gives you to us, O Lord “.

And the artist Haitham Shaker was keen to celebrate his country by recovering his clip from the opera “My Mother”, and published it through his official page on the photo and video exchange site, “Instagram”, and he commented on it saying: “Every year, every good mother, and goodness … Our Lord, have mercy on you, my mother, and Becky collects me In Paradise”.

As for the artist Yosra, her mother inherited some influential words, and published a picture of their combination, commenting on it saying: “I missed you, my mother, may God have mercy on you and make you from the people of his paradise … She taught me a lot and raised me the best education … Our Lord Muharramnich, neither from your blessings nor from your satisfaction .. I ask you for success and supplication to my mother And for everyone who left us “.


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