Google phones provide a new system that does not need to use hands technology


Newspaper reports revealed that a new system found in Google “Pixel 4” phones does not need to use the hands at all.

The GSM Arena website published a report on the new radar system found on Pixel 4 phones, known as “Soleil.”

And Google indicated that the system uses a completely new technology on the world of smartphones, which allows the movement through gestures without the use of hands at all.

This technology allows the “Pixel 4” to record a detailed picture of the user and his body, so that the radar only works when it is operated by the owner of the phone only, and does not accept gestures only from the user himself, so that the person does not worry about any privacy-related concerns when using the “Soleil Radar” “.

And it appears in the pictures that as soon as the person approaches the phone, the radar starts to work, and moves left and right as soon as the gesture is passed.

Developers are currently working on creating new algorithms to run the program via gestures to add new tasks that can be performed by the radar and various functions through gestures.

The gesture technology will work in conjunction with a whole new technology developed by Google also called “Motion Sense”, which specializes in processing the voice in an innovative way to implement the orders of a person, even if it is among a large group of overlapping voices.


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