Google pauses the release of Chrome browser and OS updates


The most important and the latest technology news: the latest technology news: Google paused the release of browser and OS updates Chrome This technical news was published on the official source: the world of technology today Wednesday 18 March 2020
With details of the news: the latest technology news: Google pauses the launch of browser updates and Chrome OS

Because of the major changes that have taken place with companies, especially in terms of obligating employees to work from their homes, the Chrome development team says amendments to the business delivery times led to a temporary pause in the release of Chrome browser updates as well as the Chrome OS.

Google says it wants to ensure stable and secure updates are delivered, so it will only prioritize security updates in the upcoming 80th release of Chrome.

It is difficult for Google to balance between the stability of the browser and the launch of new features on the one hand, and the development team worked from their homes on the other hand, so it is more likely to maintain the stability of the browser even if no new features are currently launched.

This seems a logical step due to the increasing dependence of users today on the Chrome browser and even the Chrome operating system in performing their work, as they are working from home.

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