Google may bypass version 82 of the Chrome browser


Dubai – Powered by Mohamed Faris © Tech World Posted by Google announced a few days ago that it will temporarily halt the process of developing the Chrome browser and the Chrome OS due to the work of the developers from home, and today we have news that the company will bypass the new major version of Chrome, which is 82 and move directly to version 83.

According to the sources, Google will move from the beta version of version 81 to the beta version of version 83 directly and will provide it to developers as soon as it is ready, which means that the release of version number 82 is completely exceeded, and this will accelerate the launch of the final version 83 before its expected date.

This is what Google is thinking about now and no official decision has been issued yet.

Google is currently providing the beta version of Chrome number 81 to test it before it is officially launched for users. This release will provide new features in augmented reality and changes to the HTTPS protocol, removing old elements and blocking portions of the page’s content if they want to download over the HTTP protocol within a site that supports HTTPS.

As for Chrome OS that works on Chromebook computers, version 81 will improve the pairing process via Bluetooth and facilitate the process of downloading Android Studio applications.

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