Google limits the external visits to its offices by the Corona virus


On Monday, Google began restricting visits to its offices in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and New York, to reduce the spread of the new Corona virus.On March 6, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook asked their employees in Washington State (Northwest) to work from home if possible. It did the same thing, while the prestigious TED conference scheduled for April in Vancouver (Canada) was postponed.

With the aim of limiting, a Google spokesman said that “external visits” were limited to some of the group’s offices, including its headquarters in Mountain View, California. All employment related interviews will be “virtual” rather than traditional face-to-face interviews.

The group also canceled its May conference in Silicon Valley, which annually hosts thousands of developers from all over the world.

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Amazon, Microsoft and Google dominate the global cloud market remotely and therefore have the resources to organize their business differently.In the United States, more than 500 people have been infected with the new Coronavirus; at least 21 have died.


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