Google introduces a new feature for Google Assistant .. I know how to use it?


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Google introduces a new feature for Google Assistant..I know how to use it ?, Today, Friday, March 6, 2020 05:05 AM

The American company Google has introduced a new feature called Read It, which allows its digital assistant to read the web pages in a loud voice. The feature was presented at a conference of European statisticians last January, and it is now available worldwide, according to the site. The Tech Virgo.

And the American tech giant said in a post: “Think about how much you read on your phone every day, keep up with the news, look carefully at a new post, and finally read an article that everyone talks about. This may require reading a lot of texts, which may be a barrier for people with visual and reading difficulties. , Or simply those who need help reading fat articles. “

And Google added that with Google Assistant, the web browser can read web articles aloud, so when any article appears in the browser on Android phones, it is sufficient for the user to say “Hi Google, read it Hey, read it”, or “Hi Google, read this page” Hey Google, read this page to start reading right away.

To help users continue, the browser will automatically scroll the page to synchronize what appears with what it reads, users can change the reading speed, test multiple sounds, and the Google Assistant reading speed can also be set to get faster or slower rhythms.

In addition to the page on which the page is available, Google Assistant can translate it into any of the languages ​​it supports, then read it in that language. The number of supported languages ​​is 42.

It is worth noting that Google added late last year, more updates to its smart voice assistant, “Google Assistant”, on smartphones, smart screens and home speakers. Closer to third-party apps as well.


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