Google follows the example of Netflix by reducing the speed of broadcasting on YouTube


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Brussels: Google announced Friday to reduce the speed of streaming broadcasts on YouTube in order to reduce pressure on the Internet in Europe, following the example of Netflix.
A spokesman for the group said in a statement, “After a meeting between Google CEO Sundar Pichai, YouTube CEO Susan and Tjesske and (European) Commissioner Thierry Broughton, we pledged to move temporarily to the normal rate of clarity automatically on the overall Internet traffic in the European Union.”
The spokesman explained that “people are using YouTube to view the latest developments and educational contents and to establish links in this blurry stage. Although we recorded only some of the highest levels of usage, we took measures to automatically adjust our system to reduce the use of network capabilities.
He added, “We will continue to work with the governments of member states and companies operating the network with a view to reducing the restrictions imposed on the system to a minimum, while providing a good experience for users.”
On Thursday, Netflix announced that it had decided to reduce the speed of the streaming streams of its services in Europe within thirty days.
The leaders of the two giant American platforms are responding to this decision by a request made by European Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Broughton.
Proton on Wednesday called on broadcasters and operators to take measures to relieve pressure on the Internet to facilitate work and distance education during the home quarantine phase imposed by European countries to combat the Covid-19 virus.
“I very much welcome the initiative taken by Google to maintain the regularity of the Internet’s work during the Covid-19 crisis,” Proton said in a statement.
Domestic stone and work after the movement increased on the Internet, as the European official affirmed on Wednesday,


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