Google Assistant is able to read news in dozens of languages!


Google Assistant is able to read news in dozens of languages!

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Google has introduced a new feature to its Google Voice Assistant that allows users to rely on it to read texts in dozens of languages.

Google experts explained that the Read It feature they developed and inserted into the Google Assistant will allow it to be used for reading written texts on news websites and web pages in 42 different languages, including English, Russian, French, Spanish and German.

And using the new feature is a very simple process. When browsing a website or reading a written text, it is sufficient to give the user a voice command to Google’s assistant on his phone and say Hey Google and then read it, or Hey Google and then read this page, for Google Assistant to read the written text in the language That the phone owner chooses.

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And Google indicated in a post on its official website that the new feature in its voice assistant will facilitate the lives of many Internet users, especially those who have difficulty reading because of visual problems.

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