Gold price in Sudan rises today 6-3-2020 Gold prices in Sudanese pound and dollar


We monitor you gold prices in Sudan today, Friday 6 March 2020, at the start of morning trading from the gold markets and goldsmiths stores in Sudan, as gold prices rose in Khartoum and a number of goldsmiths accused the government of the reasons for this rise, in addition to this situation that arrived Sudan has a reason for the government to not take the necessary measures and measures, as they say, and an exclusive news site publishes the latest prices per gram of gold through this detailed report.

The price of a gram of gold has witnessed a new rise in the gold market, and a gold dealer has spoken to “Ali Hussein merchant”, that there is a jump in the price of a gram of gold, as the price per gram ranged between (5800 to 6000) pounds, while the price of a gram of broken gold was recorded (5600 (EGP), and we monitor you through the chart below all gold gram prices that include 24, 21, 18, and 14 karat gold in addition to the price of a kilo of gold, the price of an ounce, and the pound of gold according to the latest prices given to us as follows.

Average prices of grams of gold in the money market in Sudan in Sudanese pounds

We would like to mention to you that the dollar and Sudanese pound prices mentioned in the tables are according to the prices of the Central Bank of Sudan and not according to the black market prices.

UnitSudanese poundsAmerican dollarEuro
The price of 24 carat gold2,974$ 53.83€ 48.11
22k gold price2,726$ 49.34€ 44.10
The price of 21 carat gold2,602$ 47.10€ 42.10
The price of 18 carat gold2,230$ 40.37€ 36.08
14k gold price1,735$ 31.40€ 28.06
12 karat gold prices1,487$ 26.91€ 24.06
Gold price per ounce92,488$ 1,674€ 1,496
Pound price of gold20,818$ 376.79€ 336.78
The price of a kilo of gold2,973,897$ 53,826€ 48,110

Comparing the gold price today with the previous days in Sudan with the Sudanese pound

TodayCaliber 2421 caliber18-gaugeCaliber 1412-gauge
March 42,9102,5462,1831,6981,455
March 32,8772,5172,1581,6781,438
March 22,7892,4412,0921,6271,395
March 12,7912,4422,0931,6281,395
February 292,7912,4422,0931,6281,395
February 282,7802,4322,0851,6221,390
February 272,8482,4922,1361,6611,424
February 262,8492,4932,1371,6621,425
February 252,8522,4962,1391,6641,426
February 242,8422,4872,1321,6581,421

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