Global smart phone sales fell 14% in February due to the Corona virus


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Report: Global smart phone sales fell by 14% in February due to the Corona virus, today, Thursday 26 March 2020 11:02 am

Market research company Counter Point published a new report today, Thursday, stating that global smartphone sales fell by 14% in February, due to the spread of the Corona virus in China and abroad, which is a possible precursor to further decline with exacerbation The outbreak in many parts of the world.

According to the report, the outbreak of the Corona virus caused many smart phone manufacturers to close their stores in China during the month of February, and according to government data, Apple sold less than 500,000 smartphones in the Chinese mainland market during the month of February.

China saw sales drop 38% in February compared to last year, but signs of recovery are now showing as many stores reopen in mid-March.

Jan Park, chief analyst at Counter Point, said there are signs of recovery in South Korea, but for other parts of the world, “the worst is yet to come.”

Smartphone makers are facing new supply chain turmoil as more countries enforce closure orders.

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