Germany extends the moratorium on arms exports to Saudi Arabia


21 minutes ago

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Berlin: The German government decided today, Monday, to extend the moratorium on arms exports to Saudi Arabia for a period of nine months, to continue until the end of this year.

“In principle, any new export orders to Saudi Arabia will not be approved until December 31,” a government spokesman said in response to a question on the issue.

It is also expected that the supply of weapons that have already obtained export licenses will be prevented during this period.

The two parties to the ruling coalition in Germany, the coalition of Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Christian Social Democratic Party, had agreed to include a clause in the coalition treaty, related to stopping the export of arms to the countries directly participating in the war in Yemen, but this clause left many back doors Open.

It is noteworthy that in November 2018, Germany imposed a comprehensive ban on arms exports to Saudi Arabia, more than a month after the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at his country’s consulate in Istanbul, and the government extended this measure twice last year.



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