Galaxy S20 Series sales are only 60% of Galaxy S10 Series sales last year


Galaxy S20 Ultra

If you are wondering whether the spread of the Corona virus worldwide has negatively affected the sales of high-end smartphones, it seems that Samsung has an answer for you.

According to a new report released today from South Korea, it seems that Samsung held a private informal group conversation with some analysts, which is the conversation where the company explained that the sales of the Galaxy S20 Series phones reached only 60 percent of the volume of sales obtained by the Galaxy S10 Series phones In the same period last year.

This is pretty bad, but keep in mind that this may only apply to the South Korean market. Samsung directly referred to the epidemic as a root cause of the disappointing and low sales figures achieved by the Galaxy S20 Series. The company also believes that things may increase both in the near future, depending on how the epidemic develops.

Samsung has already provided a discount on the new Galaxy S20 Series phones in the United States of America in a move that may be linked to the decline in demand, while most people probably do not want to spend a lot of money on a new phone, because there are more urgent matters.



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