Future MacBook Pro computers can support non-haptic gestures


MacBook Pro 13 2019

The idea of ​​being able to interact with our devices without touching them is not new. In fact, the Google Pixel 4 series of phones came with Motion Sense that allows users to interact with the phone without actually having to touch it, and now it appears that Apple is exploring the possibility of applying the same idea in future MacBook computers.

According to a patent discovered by the Apple Insider site, it appears that Apple is working on a new technology that will allow users to interact with MacBook computers without having to touch them. This will require the MacBook to have a Touch Bar, because the technology will be included in the screen itself that will come with a sensor bar.

The patent describes how the delicate tape will detect things like the movement of a hand or fingers as they move over the screen, and from there it will be able to perform certain actions. For example, users might be able to control the volume by swiping their finger over the Touch Bar left or right to increase or decrease the volume.

However, given that it is just a patent, there is no confirmation whether Apple is planning to convert this patent into reality or not. Although touch-sensitive gestures seem to offer great potential, the way this technique has been implemented so far makes it look new rather than useful.


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