From the balcony of the homes .. The national anthem is heard in the skies of Saudi Arabia


Source: Dubai –

A number of Saudi citizens and residents in the Kingdom, on Saturday evening, chanted the Saudi national anthem and some other national anthems, through windows and rooftops of their homes, in the curfew hours, in a sign to support the efforts of the country and health and security agencies in the prevention of corona virus.

This came in response to a campaign launched by tweeters under the hashtag #khalek_baitak_and sang_to your country on social media, and hashtag has met with great interaction on the ground.

Twitter is abuzz with many videos, showing the response of citizens and residents to the campaign by singing the national anthem each in its own way.

And King Salman bin Abdulaziz issued Royal order By preventing curfews within certain hours, to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

As issued Ministry of Interior A statement extending the suspension of attendance to the workplace in all government agencies and the private sector, and the suspension of international and domestic flights and bus and taxi and train activity until further notice.


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