From “Microsoft” .. Here is the solution to the problem of connecting the phone with the personal computer


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The company announced “Microsoft“On providing solutions to the linking problem the phone Smartphone with a personal computer. Therefore, the company introduced a new program called “Your Phone”, as it is installed on a computer in order to transfer photos and videos between devices or even write SMS messages on a computer, but only on condition that your Phone Companion – Link to Windows application is installed on a smartphone.

In another context, the company announced the launch of a global strategy for health care to help the poorest regions in the world, as part of its endeavor to promote public health at the global level using technology, especially artificial intelligence technologies AI.

Microsoft’s strategy includes the provision of a US $ 40 million AI-based medical program that will assist researchers and key institutions in improving healthcare and promoting a healthier life for people around the planet.

Microsoft closes dozens of Iranian sites

Microsoft announced that it had closed 99 sites that Iranian pirates use to launch cyber attacks.

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