Frankly, the site of the stars – special – “Show uncle Basir” between Jesse Abdo and Wissam Hanna .. “Frankly” reveals the details.


After the actress Jessie Abdo published a video showing him dancing with her fellow actor Wiss Hanna, commenting on him saying, “What unfortunately soon will you know?”, Which prompted many followers to ask several questions, including an artwork that may bring them together soon.

Flag the site “frankly” from its sources
The special is that a Saudi drama includes Jesse Abdo and Wissam Hanna, in addition to a large number
From the faces of the drama.

We learned that the series is filmed in Abu Dhabi and it is
It is produced by Moufid Al-Rifai and directed by Marwan Barakat. The company is expected to announce soon
About the details of the work that has been filmed for more than a month in Abu Dhabi.

We recall that Jesse Abdo had finished filming
Her scenes in the series “No Before You or After You”, consists of 30 episodes, and includes the most important and important
Artistic faces and well-known comedians are due to be shown on TV
The “new” in the month of Ramadan, especially after the screen of Tahsin Khayyat was launched with his presentation
Months ago, however, the uprising of October 17, 2019 prompted the station to take the decision to stop its offer
To be part of its competitive plan during the month of fasting. It is produced by Marwa Group. From
Written by Christine Boutros and directed by George Rocks.

As for Wissam Hanna, a series will be presented to him
“Secret” on the MBC4 screen and the work is a success
Kabir, and includes a selection of faces of Lebanese and Syrian drama, headed by Bassam Koussa, Bassem
Mughniyeh, Dalida Khalil, Wissam Hanna, Fadi Ibrahim, Rowad Alyo and others. Supported author
Al-Nabulsi and directed by Marwan Barakat. Produced by “Media House Pictures”.


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