Frankly speaking – The Stars website – this is Maxim Khalil’s last message from Beirut


Daily, the Syrian actor Maxim Khalil takes from
His account on Twitter, a platform to write a message inspired by the reality of everyday life that
Every citizen lives it.

This time Maxim chose to write about life and came
The message is as follows:

“In life we ​​are all represented …

We cross it with turns that we think draw our curves
And its turns … But the reality is that it is out of control … messing with us … to the point of delusion … that you
You are the engine of events … and you share with others the plot making … but the truth is harder than that
Much … there is no multiplicity of roles here … one role behind one light … which is the sun … important
One … It will end in a success, whether it is a failure or a failure … The past remains and nothing but it
The past..and the result is relative ..

Enjoy your home, whatever it is …

The ends often do not come as we like and crave ..
Don’t wait for it. ”

On the other hand, Maxim Khalil is in Beirut
Where he is awaiting the resumption of Eagle Films filming the series “Sons of Adam” after it was
It was suspended after the Lebanese government announced general mobilization and curfews.

The work includes elite stars Maggie Bou Ghosn,
Maxim Khalil, Daniela Rahma, Qais Sheikh Najeeb, Nada Abu Farhat, Carol Aboud, Rania Issa
And others, written by Rami Koussa and directed by Al-Layth Hajo.


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