France .. headed to isolate two provinces completely because of Corona


Source: Dubai –

As the death toll of Corona in France rises, the Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent reported on Sunday evening that there is a tendency to isolate two provinces completely in the country due to the virus, noting that 127 people have died so far.

Earlier, the Minister of Health, Olivier Ferrand, had announced a high toll Corona epidemic In the country there are 120 deaths and 5400 injuries since January.

It is noteworthy that this increase in the number of deaths and injuries is the largest recorded by France since the emergence of the virus on its soil.

On Saturday, the government announced strict measures to curb the spread of the epidemic, most notably the closure of cinemas and non-essential stores, while reducing transportation activity.

Earlier Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron stressed that the government has no choice but to impose strict measures to counter the outbreak of the Coronavirus, but the country will weather the crisis if it behaves responsibly.

Macron, defending his decision to go ahead with local elections, said: “I am the guarantor of the health of our citizens and also of the democratic life in the country.”

“We will overcome this crisis by acting responsibly and for each other,” he added after casting his vote in northern France.

He also made it clear that the decision to close shops and restaurants had to be made because many people dealt very loosely with regard to protecting themselves from the virus.


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