Formula One | After tests for the Corona virus .. 7 negative results for the McLaren team


Explained McLaren Team Co-World ChampionshipFormula One, That seven of its members underwent tests and appeared negative for the emerging corona virus, while the eighth, which had previously been proven infected, no longer had any symptoms.

The British team announced last week that it had withdrawn from the Australian Grand Prix, the first stage of the world championship category I, which was scheduled at the Albert Park in Melbourne.

Hours after this decision, the tournament organizers announced the complete cancellation of the race, in a move followed by the postponement of the Bahrain and Vietnam races, which will delay the start of the competitions until next May.

In a statement Wednesday night, Thursday, McLaren confirmed that “the seven members of the race team who underwent the examination of the new Corona virus while they were quarantined in Melbourne, the results of their tests were negative.”

He continued, “The member of the team that had previously undergone a positive examination, now also does not suffer from any symptoms,” stressing that everyone is “fine.”

The team explained that the Australian health authorities did not require tests for its entire personnel, but rather «16 were put in isolation, 14 of them because of their direct contact with the affected element, and another because of the appearance of symptoms on him during the weekend».

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McLaren indicated that the rest of the team will remain in quarantine for an additional week as requested by the Australian health authorities.

The “Covid-19” virus, which led to the death of about 8,800 people around the world, has caused almost complete paralysis in various sports competitions around the world at the present time, and postponed large dates due this summer, most notably the European Cup and the Copa America South American Football Championship.


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