Forced NBA stops lasting a month!


The NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced that stopping the tournament due to the Corona virus epidemic is likely to last “at least 30 days.” “It was a decision I made in a split second. I said to myself that even if we were absent within a month or six weeks, it would be premature to cancel the league completely.”

The league was suspended Wednesday “until further notice” after injuries were recorded between the players, as the name of the French Utah jazz player Rudi Goubert and his teammate Donavan Mitchell was circulated. The regular season was scheduled to end on April 15, with the playoff offensive roles beginning on April 18th.

Silver did not provide any indication about whether the association is considering shortening the regular season or the exclusionary roles, considering that it is difficult to know what the options are at this stage.

Once the 30 days are over, according to Silver, “It is too early to say what will happen when the league tries to restart matches. We have not reached that point yet.” “The question becomes, is there any agreement, frankly, with or without fans when will we play again?”

Silver discussed the talks that were held by league officials, teams and representatives of the players ’union before the discovery of Gober’s infection with the” Covid-19 “virus, regarding emergency plans in the face of the increasing spread of the virus in the United States. He said:” Even a few days ago or until yesterday, the experts were not clear On whether the NBA stadiums should be evacuated as a “healthy measure”.


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