For the sake of public health, doubts are growing about the delay in Tokyo 2020


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Are increasing Doubts Possibly that Are held Course the games Olympic Tokyo 2020 in a Its date Decision the summer Next, With emphasis Many From Responsible And the Japanese that Life People The most important From Each Thing, After Relax virus Sk The newbie Overshadow Heavy On the whole world, It is not Just On Upper Egypt Athlete.

Although emphasis Officials Japanese Like President The ministers Shinzo My Father, And head The Commission Olympic International Thomas Bach, that Preparations To establish Course the games Summer in a Its date Decision between 24 July And the ninth From August No Still On Foot Leg, Doubts Many Possibly that is being the world Ready For its launch, With Growing Number Injuries And deaths in a the world Puppet spread virusCoved-19 “.

It came Most notable Call To postpone the games, Which Larger Event Athlete my world Polarized Thousands Athletes And millions Fans, From President American Donald Trump Which Opinion Possibility To set up in a summer 2021 instead of From This Year.

And with Suspension events big Like Cyclic a ball The basket American For professionals And tournaments European Local in a a ball Foot And my turn Champions Europe The league European And postponed Starting season the new From championship Formula 1, sound fate Toys Tokyo 2020 in a Blown away The wind.

And compare With Its neighbors China Where she was City Wuhan The focus the basic For the virus, And Korea Southern, I passed Japan to me Limit Large in a Curb Spread The virus, With Sign Up 814 infection And24 status death.

It appeared Obviously That The street Japanese No Favored that Are held the games the summer Next in a Shade Risks Infection From Delegations Foreigners to me The country, Just so reconnaissance Conducted by Channelthat H. KayOfficial between VI And the ninth From March Present, Turns out that 45 percent They oppose Go ahead ahead With games, Regarding Opinion 40 percent it’s a Should that Are held in a Its date.

She saw mayor Tokyo Yuriko Koike that Cancellation the games CommandNo Can Envision it, But the decision Located On Rests The Commission Olympic International Which Planning To conduct talks Emergency With Federations Sports International about The virus, Tomorrow Tuesday, According when I carried it AgencyFrance Press“.

as such Stressed Thomas Bach, President The Commission Olympic International, On that The Commission Will follow Recommendations organisation the health Globalism about Postponement Likely, But he Passed Also That Cancellation Playoffs Eligible For games Tokyo impose Problems seriousness.

And in beginning Month March Ongoing, He said Bach that The Commission Olympic International Will appear flexibility in a What Regard Qualifying Eligible For games Tokyo, He encouraged all Athletes On Continue getting ready To establish the event.

And she saidFrance Pressthat the odds Non Accommodation Ceremony The opening Decision in a 24 July in a His date Turn out In a way growing, And that After it causes virusCoved-19 ” A mess Overwhelming in a Calendars Sports About the world. I like it The virus With a life 6400 Person On the least, Was injured with it Athletes And crews medical.

It will be Cancellation the games Olympic Harsh On population Tokyo Whose Hurry up To buy the tickets, and on the authorities Which She got Their preparations tribute Wide With Maturity The majority of Facilities Readiness Full Before The appointment Specified With time Long.

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