For poor sales … a trick by Huawei to download Android apps


Huawei is still making new smartphones like the Mate 30, but it’s hard to convince people to buy one without accessing Google apps.

However, it appears to be working on a way to get popular Android apps without an app store or having to download APKs, according to XDA developers.

Huawei has created an app called “AppSearch”, which is currently being tested in Germany to help users install popular apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.

According to an in-app description, it can be used with “Mate 30 Series, P40 Series and Mate X’s” with the P40 coming up for sale soon, the app can be officially launched with the launch of this phone.

Sales of Mate 30 outside China have been very slow, so there is no doubt that Huawei is trying anything to boost the P40.

A shareholder in XDA in Germany has downloaded the app to Huawei Mate 30 Pro to show how it works, according to Huawei description, you can download AppSearch from Huawei’s AppGallery Store.

It also displays common apps like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter, or lets you search for the app you choose.

However, AppSearch does not provide direct downloads, but rather sends you to a site where you can find it, Huawei has explicitly said it is helping users find

On popular apps by integrating multiple download sources, all content accessible via AppSearch is provided by third parties, and content is the sole responsibility of the entity making it available, these third parties include Amazon, APKPure, APKMirror and Huawei private store, according to XDA .
Owners of Mate 30 and other Huawei devices are accustomed to solving Google Play via a dodgy app called LZ Play, after users indicated its source, however, the app was withdrawn and the company abandoned any involvement, which is why it bears no legal responsibility for AppSearch, although it is It gives users an easy way to install Google apps.

Google is reportedly looking into the app anyway, according to Forbes magazine, to make sure it doesn’t violate US laws.


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