For a week, Latifa tells a story she imagined was “Corona”.


12:31 am

Saturday 07 March 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

Latifa, for a week, narrated a story and an illusion imagined to be infected with the Corona virus, through her Twitter account.

Latifa wrote: “I went to a week locking myself in my room and wearing the mask in the filter. I took a cold because of the air conditioning in the studio. I put everything in the house to hold my mother so I could see it during the day, and I sit with her together in the balcony in the sun and enter the second … Thank God, Lord.” I was hidden and took medications and all the herbs they imagined. ”

And she continued: “And whoever speaks to me at home transmits what you are close to … God is not much, I will give you a little fear, but when I found myself, praise be to God, I did not feel the heat, I praised our Lord and prayed thanks to God, I did not fear of you some of the fear of his generation.”

And she continued: “You must wear uniforms, bring all sterilization materials and wear a spare mask seriously, even if someone takes a cold trying to distance himself from the ones around him, and of course my specialists ventilate along incense and herbs.”

She added: “I entered and I talked with you for the first time when I felt that I had improved. Thank God .. Thank you for your sweet words, and I do not have more value than you .. I am completely, my Lord, and thank you.”



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