Football patrols continue to withstand the “curona” curse!


About 19 countries were able to withstand the curse of the outbreak of the emerging “Corona” virus (Covid-19) in terms of the continuation of sports competitions, especially football leagues.

The Corona virus caused the suspension of the 5 major leagues in the world for various periods. The Italian was suspended until further notice, the Spanish for at least two weeks, and the English league was postponed until next April 4 and the German until 2 April and the French until further notice.

In the Arab region, the Egyptian league was suspended for 15 days, and the Saudi club until another notice, and the Qataris until the end of this month. In Sudan, the league was suspended for a month. As for the Emirates, the league was suspended 4 weeks, and Morocco until another notice. Tunisia, the league was also suspended with the cup championship continuing.

Despite the spread of the epidemic in the world, the Palestinian League continues its matches regularly and is headed by the “Balata Center” championship with 42 points, and the Russian League is held regularly and is one of the largest competitions in Europe, where “decorated” came in first place with 50 points.

In Turkey, the league is led by “Trabzonspor” team with 53 points, where matches are held regularly and without fans, and the Australian League is held regularly, where “Sydney” comes in first place with 47 points.In other countries such as Angola, Chile, Zambia, Singapore, Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ukraine, Congo, Gambia, Jamaica, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Hong Kong and Myanmar, league matches are still present challenging the deadly virus.

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