Football literature: social media and the importance of a culture that accepts defeat in life and in football


Sport 360 – Football fans are experiencing increasing pressure during and before and after the major summits in the world of sports, especially because of the widening influence of social media on drawing joy or disappointment for the followers, so that the matter exceeded the limits of being a festive matter.

But these were the conditions since ancient times, so each era has its means to produce and draw the feelings of the audience, which has become more likely between showing these feelings in different stadiums or on the pages of communication, and everyone has become involved in creating this state of ridicule from the loser or the veneration of the victor always.

And if that is the nature of things, human beings are always looking to gain and raise the banner of the group to which they belong and shout in their name, then it became necessary to set limits or plant a different awareness in order for the victor and the defeated to come out while benefiting, if this statement is true.

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The importance of managing post-defeat

Everyone in sports is a winner and a loser

Everyone in sports is a winner and a loser

How can there be any benefit in defeat? We see losses at all sporting, economic and technical levels that afflict the losing team, but of course the loss like the gain is natural and essential to the survival of life in general, such as profit and loss in trade and other worldly matters.

We in the Arab world are witnessing a growing passion and intensity in competition and ways of expressing them, whether that relates to our Arab fans in all other leagues and major teams. Like Zamalek AndAl-Ahly AndCrescent moon Andthe Union AndVictory AndMy family is JeddahOr, with the major teams in North Africa, each of these audiences has its own methods, customs and history in fighting the experience of defeat or victory, with each person differing in the way this is managed .. or even with regard to the Arab audience belonging to and passionate about the colors of great and great European clubs in various countries, Proud morning and evening this affiliation.

If this passion is grafted with some awareness, then sport and its exercise may have a greater benefit and in pursuing it as well to learn from it in life and all affairs in general is a great benefit also upscale and awareness, and this is what many observers and thinkers touched on, so sports gatherings remain a human phenomenon in the first Much about yourself.

In this regard, we read what was written by an Italian writer who was passionate about practicing and pursuing football: “I think it is necessary to educate new generations about the value of defeat..and the value of post-defeat management, because it comes from humanity above all, and in managing defeat it is useful in building an identity that is able to determine the destiny of society..when you learn that you can fail and start again Without affecting your value or dignity. ”

Graffiti of Pazolini and Angela Davis on the streets of Naples

Graffiti of Pazolini and Angela Davis on the streets of Naples

Pazolini continued to write: “You cannot feel that you are little socially because of a defeat” either by athletic competition or by means of life as a whole. ”Do not allow yourself to pass on the bodies of others in order to arrive first, in this world many winners are vulgar and untruthful .. On the one hand Anthropological and psychological, the impact of defeat on the soul is long compared to the impact of victory, which may pass quickly.

Here the author reaches the most important point: “From the point of view of psychology, defeat may be good things, if you manage the post-defeat phase well … as if it is a long and arduous training that you must undertake, and this may reinforce the sacred aspect of Every person..I am a man who prefers to lose than to win in unfair and cruel ways..the recognition may be a big mistake on my part..but beauty and all beauty is that you know how to be able to defend yourself after the fall, to defend yourself after that You have been defeated, and if you have the ability to defend such a mistake … it is almost a virtue. ”

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