Food stocks in the Emirates are sufficient and meet the needs for several months


Emirates News: The Lulu Hypermarket Group store chain confirmed that the strategic stock of food commodities in the Emirates and other products, such as masks, sterilizers and basic materials, is sufficient and meets people’s needs for the next several months. “The main goal of the chain of Lulu stores in the UAE in this exceptional period in the world witnessing the outbreak of the Corona virus and its negative impact on import and export operations, is to keep the stock sufficient to meet the needs of the market,” the group’s communications and public relations official, Nanda Kumar, told 24. As well as maintaining price stability and proportionality with members of society. “Kumar pointed out that “the Lulu Group is currently working on importing food commodities and products from several countries around the world to ensure that the strategic inventory is continuously enhanced, and the group seeks to contract with other new countries during the coming period.”

He pointed out that “medical masks, gloves, sterilization materials and cleaning of all kinds are widely available in Lulu stores in all its branches around the country, as the group has become importing 1.6 million masks daily with the aim of maintaining market stability and providing these products to meet the needs of society in light of the great demand for them during this period. , And in support of preventive measures to counteract the spread of the Coruna virus. “

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