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Moment by moment, Esperance against Zamalek

Super Koura offers a live, moment-to-moment follow-up to the Esperance match against Zamalek, in the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

Moment by moment, Esperance against Zamalek

Frenchman Patrice Carteron, Zamalek’s technical director, was keen to emphasize in his conversation with the team’s front line players on the necessity of using shots in the face of Tunisian Esperance, scheduled for nine in the evening today, Friday, at Rades Stadium, in the second round of the African Champions League competitions.

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Carteron spoke with Moroccan Ashraf Ben Sharqi, the team’s wing, that he relied on him a lot to take advantage of the goal against Espérance, while the technical director of Zamalek was keen to train the team at the end of preparations for the penalty shootout in anticipation of any matter. On the confirmation of his victory, the Tunisian team passed the reservation to qualify for the semi-finals of the championship.

Youssef Obama, the player of the Zamalek club, became ready to lead the white knight in the Tunisian Esperance match tonight after recovering from a knee bruise that raided him during the recent period. Obama participated in the team’s team training and was ready to appear in the meeting and Zamalek met with the Tunisian Esperance in the third confrontation. For the two teams in less than a month, where Al-Abiad won in the previous two games, the first in Qatar and snapped the African Super by three against a goal, and repeated in the Champions League go to Cairo.

Moment by moment, Esperance against Zamalek

The confrontation tonight comes amid a charged atmosphere due to the state of anger that swept the fans and the Esperance administration after the decisions of the CAF Disciplinary Committee, which took strong decisions against the technical staff and the players after the events of the first leg in Cairo to stop the captain of the Esperance Khalil Shammam 6 games, and Abdel Raouf reached 4 matches, and a certain suspension Al-Shaabani, the technical director and his assistant, Magdy El-Tarawy, has 4 matches and financial penalties for Esperance, amounting to 140 thousand dollars. At the same time, there is a desire to revolt against the superiority of Zamalek over Esperance in recent weeks.

Moment by moment, Esperance against Zamalek

The white knight players enter the confrontation today and in front of them one goal, which is to return to Cairo with a ticket to qualify for the African semi-finals in search of the African title missing from the white castle 18 years ago, and determined since 2002 when the title was seized by the Moroccan Raja Casablanca account, and the white also wants to confirm his worth by surpassing Targaa And that was achieved during the recent confrontations and has become a knot for the Tunisians.


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