Follow the series Doctor Miracle 28 episode twenty-eight on the Turkish Fox TV


The Miracle Doctor Awaits 28 Episode Twenty Eight where the series Doctor Miracle 28 Episode 28 will be shown on Fox TV Turkish channel, which is the series that has achieved great search results via the Internet and Google search engine The Miracle Doctor series has achieved a large fan base by followers who love to follow the episodes The Miracle Doctor series 28.

The story of the series Miracle Doctor

The Miracle Doctor series is one of the most famous Turkish series that achieved many big search results via the internet and the Google search engine. It has achieved many follow-ups and observations in various countries of the world. The Miracle Doctor series is a Turkish TV drama series that was adapted from the South Korean series The Good Doctor or The Good Doctor, the series is starring “Tanner Olmaz” and it was shown for the first time on Fox channel and the Miracle Doctor series continues to be shown every Thursday of every week, and the last episode witnessed many interesting events, including Dr. Ali entering the shock of the appearance of his father who will go to the hospital In order to receive treatment.

Follow Doctor Miracle 28 on Fox TV

You can follow the events of the twenty-eighth episode of the famous Turkish series The Miracle Doctor series through the Fox TV channel, where the Turkish Fox TV channel displays the Turkish Miracle Doctor series 28 episodes every week every Thursday and the series is displayed at seven o’clock from The evening of Cairo, Turkey timing, at nine o’clock in the evening of the Emirates, and at eight o’clock in the evening, the timing of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in order to be able to follow the series The Miracle Doctor 28, the twenty-eighth episode, you can do this through the frequency of the Turkish FOX TV channel, as follows: –

The frequency on Nilesat is 11296 horizontal.

The coding rate is 27500.

Correction coefficient 6/5.

It is worth noting that after the birth of this boy, which is called the miracle doctor, the problem of the death of his brother came, as well as the bunny who loved him so much. Here he decided to become a doctor to treat people who need this, and because of his skill in remembering and diagnosing the disease, he gained that great reputation among doctors and trust Great for patients who come to it.

I have already shown the first promo of Episode 28 of the series The Miracle of the Doctor at seven in the evening, according to Cairo time, and at eight in the evening, according to the timing of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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