Flood rains and thunderbolts towards Lebanon .. But a warm wave is coming at this date


Father Eli Khneisser reported Weather specialist via his Facebook page The weather in Lebanon turns Friday afternoon to rain in abundance with the formation of thunderbolts due to the collision of the cold western winds in the warm southeast. It is associated with the fall of hail in coastal and mountainous areas, and the wind speed increases to touch 55 km per hour..

The areas that will experience the most heavy rain are the first:

Tripoli, Koura, Akkar, Dinniyeh, Bushra, Zgharta, Batroun, Chekka, Jubail, all the way to Jounieh, Beirut, Keserwan, Al-Matn (coastal and mountain), Aliyah, Bhamdoun, and Shouf. The precipitation will reach 45-55 mm.

As for the southern and the Beqaa regions, the percentage of precipitation may reach 20-30 mm.

Snow falls on the ropes above 1,800 meters.

The desert tropical regions are preparing to resume their activities towards the Middle East on Sunday, and the temperature will rise to reach its climax on Monday, touching 26 degrees of coastline and 24 areas..

Saturday weather is rainy in the morning locally and lightly and settles with the advance of hours and the heat wave begins to approach Lebanon and Syria to enter Sunday dawn and cover the eastern basin of the Mediterranean.

Heat on the coast: 17 days and 13 nights

Heat in the mountains 1200 meters: 10 days and 4 nights,

In the Bekaa: 13 days and 5 nights,

Over the mountains 2000 meters: 1 day and 3 nights

Humidity: 85%

Wind: Westerly to Southwesterly, gusting at speeds of 20 to 65 km per hour.

Atmospheric pressure: 1010hpa.


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