Flashback When Ferguson described Gareth Bale as “lucky”


The former coach of the team appeared Tottenham The Englishman, Harry Redknapp, in an interview on Sky Sport, in which he talked about his time as a coach for Tottenham from 2008 to 2012, and also revealed a dialogue between him and a coach Manchester United retreat, Alex Ferguson, About Gareth Bale.

Harry Redknapp had assumed the technical leadership of Spurs from 2008 until 2012, before the Welsh international moved to Real Madrid in the summer of 2013 to Real Madrid The Spaniard is in a resounding deal.

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Initially, the English coach revealed his dialogue with a coach Manchester United The former, Alex Ferguson, About the Welsh player Gareth Bale, And it was Tottenham At that time he played 24 games with participation BillBut he never won any of them, so Harry Redknapp said:Ferguson He told me: Do not push it oh Harry “In games, he is an unlucky player. I replied,” I think he will be a great player. ”

He added: “I heard many rumors at the time about my intention to loan Gareth to another club, but I stated at the time that I had not and will not give up even after a million years.”

He continued: «I had full confidence in Bill Perhaps I saw him as the best left wing in the world, but I also expected him that he will be more than that in the future.

And his role in developing a level Croatian Luka Modric, stated: «He was playing in the center of the left wing, and pushed him in the middle of the field, with a presence Bill In formation they were a wonderful duo in Tottenham ».

Gareth Bale is currently playing for Real Madrid, but did not participate this season with Al-Meringi regularly, as he suffered at the beginning of the season several repeated injuries in addition to the strained relationship between him and the royal officials and fans, the last of which was what he did after the match of his country in which he reached to euros 2020 and the raising of the flag of Wales written on it “Wales – Golf – Madrid”, which sparked the anger of the Whites and then the relationship between them reached a dead end.

Tottenham are currently eighth in the Premier League table this season, with 41 points, 4 points behind fifth-placed Manchester United.


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