First German Bundesliga player to catch Corona – Lebanese Forces Official Website


Paderborn player Luca Killian has become the first player in the Bundesliga (Bundesliga) to show a positive test result for the Coruna virus.

The announcement came about the player’s injury, hours after the Bundesliga League announced the postponement of the twenty-sixth matches of the Bundesliga and the second division.

The League initially agreed to hold the matches without an audience, but the developments that took place led to the cancellation of all matches.

The club said in a statement that it was taking “comprehensive measures” to contain the risk of infection and that it was communicating with local authorities about the next steps. It is expected that all players and team members involved will be tested tomorrow Saturday.

Killian, one of the rising stars in the Bundesliga, is recovering from a thigh injury he suffered last December.


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