Find out the details of Yasmine Sabry, Ahmed Abu Hashima and Moawad’s relationship


Pioneering mobility Social Media The first image that brings together Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima and the Egyptian artist Yasmine Sabry After the announcement of their official engagement, the details of which were transmitted by “Fuchsia”, and it became clear from the circulated image that it is from the family ceremony in which the engagement took place formally.

Yasmine Sabry wore an open-chested “tiger” dress over the knees, and in her right hand she wore the bracelet that followers tied between her and the video clip she posted on her account and the photo published by Ahmed Abu Hashima and his hand by a girl, and the same diamond ring that he presented Her Egyptian businessman at the engagement ceremony.

Reactions varied across social media on receiving this news, as the majority of the comments were full of envy on Ahmed Abu Hashima, as he chose to link with women of great beauty, citing Haifa Wehbe and Yasmine Sabri.

A number of the pioneers of social media circulated a new picture that collected Ahmed Abu Hashima and Yasmine Sabry as they walked together in a street and it was said that the photo was taken while they were in the fifth assembly area, and that it was before the announcement of their engagement and they were taken by one of the pioneers of the social media in Egypt called “Abdullah Ghalwash” .

Ahmed Abu Hashima and Yasmine Sabry appeared from their backs, and the facial features on both sides turned out to be theirs. Abu Hashima walked alongside Yasmine Sabry and wore a sporty uniform, while the Egyptian artist wore a classic that is a blouse and pants.

Concerning the wedding date, press reports confirmed that the wedding will take place immediately after the end of the month of Ramadan, while businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima confirmed, in press statements to him, that the connection with the artist Yasmine Sabry took place at the family level stating that the details and date of the marriage contract will be very soon.

A source close to the Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima confirmed the completion of his engagement to his fellow artist Yasmine Sabry, after dealing with many technical and news pages about the news of a new relationship that brings them together during the last period.

The Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima and the former husband of the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe published a picture in which he placed his hand at the hands of a girl and was wearing the same ring that the followers speculated was that Yasmine Sabry had, and that Abu Hashima provided him with a price of 200 thousand dollars.

A source close to Ahmed Abu Hashima, who confirmed in private statements, confirmed that the engagement took place officially during the past hours in one of the private and closed places, and the attendees were confined to the family of the couple Yasmine and Ahmed, and a very small number of those close to them.

The source pointed out that Abu Hashima had already presented a diamond “ring” at the engagement ceremony, noting that the wedding ceremony will take place next summer in a major hotel.

According to what is in circulation, Yasmine married in 2012 a doctor who owned one of the largest hospitals in Egypt, before entering the world of art and acting. Sources confirmed at the time that the artist hid her marriage, because the doctor was married to another woman and he had children from her.

But Yasmine separated from the doctor after about 5 years, specifically in 2017, after a dispute broke out between them.

As for Ahmed Abu Hashima, he was also subjected to a series of rumors and news, especially after his divorce from the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe, and the last of that news was his resounding effect, as several “scratching” videos spread to him as he chatted to one of the girls through the video feature, with bad words and outward movements He also insulted a number of Arab stars and claimed to have relationships with a large number of them.

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