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Provides a visit to Tokyo, the capital JapanTourist pleasure almost unlike anywhere else. We must know the best time to visit Tokyo to enjoy the tourist activities adequately, especially as the climate plays a crucial role in determining these activities, their dates and times, especially if we are with the family. In what follows we will know the best time to visit Tokyo and its most prominent tourist attractions for families. Follow these distinctive details with us.

The best time to visit Tokyo

The best months to visit Tokyo are March, April, October and November. Why? The reason is simple. The climate is almost perfect. In these months, there are no rains that overwhelm your planned projects, and the heat is not so high as in the summer … In these months you can enjoy outdoor activities in the open air, parks and the many parks in Tokyo without Worried.

The best time to visit Tokyo is to spend honeymoon

As for married couples who decided to spend their honeymoon in Tokyo, the spring season that accompanies the season of cherry trees opens, which is the favorite tourist season for many in Tokyo, and the season of the end of autumn that accompanies the fall of tree leaves is also a romantic time with distinction to spend the most beautiful periods in the quarter The Japanese capital.

The best time to visit the Disney Park and Resort in Tokyo, which is the most prominent tourist attraction for families, is in the spring, specifically before the “Golden Week” that runs from the end of April until the beginning of May, to avoid the overcrowding in the place, as well as the appropriate time before the rainy season arrives in June. And then the best time is between mid-November to the beginning of December … In these periods you can discover the wonderful landmarks, games and activities in this world-famous edifice, especially “Tokyo Disney Sea” and others … You can also visit the museums of the distinctive capital of Tokyo and learn more about them …

Tokyo’s top tourist attractions for families

Having known the best time to visit Tokyo, we will now discover together a wonderful landmark suitable for family members. We start from Tokyo Character Street, which is a wonderful street full of stores specialized for characters that children love, such as Rilakkuma, Pokemon and others … One of the most prominent family activities that can be taken as well is visiting Ghibli Studio, which is a production house specialized in animated films and described internationally as “Disney Japan”, the studio includes A museum loved by children, whatever their interests or ages, has been called Mitaka. In addition, you can visit Sanrio Puroland theme park, which specializes in Hello Kitty, the favorite game for many children. Enjoy special offers, games, activities and dining that will satisfy all family members …

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