Find out about the latest Beats wireless headphones


Find out about the latest Beats wireless headphones

youtube / Beats by Dre

Apple’s famous Beats company has launched its new advanced wireless earphones for smartphones and phone users.

The new headphones consist of two pieces that can be attached to the ears easily thanks to the rubber parts that rotate around the ear and prevent them from falling, even while running or exercising.

The latest version of Powerbeats also features a waterproof and dustproof structure according to IPX4 standards, special microphones to isolate external noise while listening to music or making phone calls, and each earphone has special rubber pieces that enter the ear, designed in different sizes to suit all users.

And Powerbeats comes with many unique technologies that make it a favorite of phone owners. When the headphone is removed from the ear, the connected phone turns off the music automatically, and it is provided with the ability to deal with audio aids.

The Beats provided it with a battery that enables it to work for more than 12 hours, in addition to a plastic box with an additional battery that can charge the headphones 3 times.



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