Financial Times: European Cup 2020 will be postponed due to corona virus



                    Koen van Weel

The Financial Times reported that the European Football Association (UEFA) will announce the postponement of the European Championship 2020 due to the outbreak of Corona virus, on Tuesday.

The newspaper said, citing informed sources, that the tournament will be postponed to allow local league competitions to complete its season and avoid losses of several billion euros.

Today, “UEFA” will hold a meeting via video calling technology “to discuss the response of European football to the outbreak of the Coruna virus,” it was announced last week.

It is scheduled to divide the expanded meeting into three separate meetings, starting in the morning between “UEFA” and representatives of clubs, players and national championships, followed by another with the 55 national federations represented in it, and a third for the Executive Committee of the Continental Union, is expected to be issued in the wake of a comprehensive statement outlining future directions.

Europe is seen as the epicenter of the new Corona virus, especially in Italy and Spain, where the number of deaths is increasing steadily, which has led to enormous restrictions on sports, movement and travel.

Source: Agencies


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