Finally … a new feature that allows Facebook stories to be posted on Instagram


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Finally … a new feature that allows Facebook stories to be posted to Instagram, today, Tuesday 10 March 2020 12:54 PM

Facebook has started testing a feature that allows you to finally post stories to Instagram.

The social network released a tool that gives you the ability to post Instagram stories to Facebook in 2017, however, this tool does not have the ability to post it in the opposite direction.

The pious scholar Jin Manchon Wong discovered “Share Story”

Experimental to Instagram “in” Story Privacy “settings, and turning it on will activate the” Share to Story “button.

The company confirmed to TechCrunch Tech that it is now officially testing the feature to facilitate sharing moments with more of the people you care about.

Facebook and Instagram have different audiences, so if you want to share specific stories with friends on both systems then this feature will let you do that.

The social network also told the post that it will continue to explore options to simplify and improve how stories work across their apps.

It is still unclear whether the feature will also sync the story viewing status via Facebook apps to prevent people from viewing the same shows more than once.

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