FilGoal | News | Youth of Constantine: We are trying to renew Ben Bida, but Zamalek has tempted him with a fabulous salary


Nasreldine Maghouj, sports director of the Algerian youth team of Constantine, revealed the difficulty of the renewal of Hussein bin Clinic, back of the team, because of Zamalek’s contact with him.

In a statement to the Algerian newspaper “Al-Nasr”, Mujouj said: “Hussein Bin Ayada is a target for many clubs, and we understand the player’s desire to have an external experience.”

“We are trying in the current period to persuade the player to renew his contract, but I know that the Zamalek club lured him with a superstitious salary, and therefore it is difficult to agree to the renewal.”

“The player’s shares have increased dramatically in the last period, but we will do everything we can to persuade him to stay.”

He concluded, “In any case, Bin Ayadah will remain a great player for us, and I wish him success, whether with us or in another team.”

Hussein Bin Ayada said in statements earlier that Zamalek had not negotiated with him personally yet. (See details)

On the other hand, the same newspaper, “Al-Nasr”, said earlier that Esperance entered the negotiations line to include the player. (See details)

Bin clinic, right back, was distinguished by elaborate crosses, although he was a little slow. (Learn more about the player here)

The 27-year-old played 19 games in the Algerian championship this season. He made 6 goals and scored one goal, and in the Cup matches he played two games, he scored 3 goals.

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