FilGoal | News | Bhadr continues to achieve the impossible and scores a goal in his debut with October 6


Ezz El Din Bahader, the world’s biggest footballer, scored a goal in his first appearance with 6th October Club in the Egyptian third division.

In the presence of the representatives of the Guinness World Records, Ezzedine Bahader participated in a full match with 6 October, winning and scoring.

October 6 lost to Guinness double, against Bhadr’s goal from a penalty kick.

Ezzeddine Bahader’s goal came at the end of the October 6 match against the Guinness team in the third division from a penalty kick in the last minutes.

“Bahader participated in his first official match with us, in the presence of representatives of the Guinness Book,” said Wali Muwafi, the General Coach of 6th October Club.

He added, “The technical staff was surprised by the level of Bahadur, his efforts on the field, and the technical and concentration he possessed for the past 90 minutes.”

“Guinness book representatives not only look to take part, but for his level on the field and what he offers with his team.”

“Izz al-Din Bahader will play a second match with us on March 21st, in the presence of representatives of the Guinness Book,” he concluded.

Izz al-Din Bahadur. An Egyptian engineer aged 75 years. He decided to become the largest player in the world.

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