FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly reveals his complete position on the crisis of Moamen Zakaria


Sharif Fouad, Al-Ahly’s official spokesman, explained his club’s position regarding the crisis of team player Moamen Zakaria, in statements to Al-Ahly channel.

Fouad said: “There was a lot of confusion during the recent period regarding Moamen Zakaria, so it was necessary to clarify because the absence of information gave some an opportunity for diligence.”

He explained, “Al-Ahly club is keen to help Moamen Zakaria, who is not associated with a contract with the club and is not registered in the list of the first team. The player went through difficult health conditions, and we hope that God will recover and complete his journey.”

“Moamen Zakaria’s file was presented to Al-Ahly’s board of directors on January 28th, and the club decided to bear the expenses of treating the player, and we sent a note to the administrative authorities on January 30th, that is, two days after the council was convened.”

He added, “We decided to contribute the amount of one million and 200 thousand pounds in two installments, which is equivalent to 100 thousand pounds per month, and these are public funds that are subject to strict control by the various state agencies, and therefore the approval of the administrative authority represented in the Ministry of Youth Sports headed by Ashraf Sobhi.”

“Mahmoud Al-Khatib, head of Al-Ahly Club, sent a letter to Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, and the contribution was agreed to be the payment of an initial payment of 600,000 pounds in the first stage of treatment, especially as he is one of the players who served Al-Ahly a lot.”

He concluded, “On February 15, 2020, the check was issued, meaning that he has been in the club for 45 days, and a believer is supposed to come in order to receive it … Al-Ahly cannot talk about the aid factor, whether for the employee, coach or player, because this is his role in the first place.” .

Earlier, learned that Moamen Zakaria was feeling angry because of what he believed to be negligence and ignorance of him by the club’s management in light of his illness and his treatment stage.

Moamen Zakaria believes that Al-Ahly’s board of directors did not provide him with sufficient support from his point of view, starting from dispensing him and leaving the team’s list, until he paid for his treatment.

Al-Ahly’s wing accuses the club’s management of inconsistencies between showing media support only without being on the ground, morally or financially, and ending with not participating in overseeing its medical journey.

A source close to Moamen Zakaria revealed The player did not receive any dues or financial support from Al-Ahly in the treatment and even the 600,000 pounds approved by the club’s board of directors with the approval of the Ministry of Sports.

He pointed out that Moamen Zakaria relies in the current stage on full financial support from Turki Al Sheikh, head of the entertainment authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the honorary president of the club in treatment.

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