FilGoal | News | Afsha explains the reasons why Fyler has excluded him in front of the coastal star … and practiced the Sun Downs ball


Al-Ahly players celebrate with the goal of Fashha against the first army

Al-Ahly’s playmaker Mohamed Magdi Afsha revealed the fact that coach Rene Fyler was excluded from facing the coastal star in the African Champions League due to playing a five-a-side match with his friends.

“I play for a big club, so everything is counted on the player, whether it is an exercise or a match,” Afsha said on Al-Nahar.

“I adore the five-pointed ball, but I never played with my friends before confronting the coastal star, it is impossible, because I play for a big club,” he revealed.

“Fyler excluded me for technical reasons, and I must respect his decision. I fought Al Hilal after five days, scored a goal and qualified for the quarter-finals.”

Afsha fans admire, “Will Syed Abdul Hafeez, the director of the ball, leave me without discounts and play the next game naturally after participating in a five-a-side football match?”

“The criticism is normal and I only pay attention to the right things and apply them in training,” Al-Ahly player explained.

“I followed the comments on a ball that I shot into the face of the Sun Downs, and it had to be shot in the face of the foot, and I trained for it the next day. This is not a shame.”

He stressed, “Here is a valid and another criticism. No, do not criticize a player for eliminating him or for reasons. We are all human beings and we want to be better.”

On the authority of Abdullah Al-Saeed, Afsha said: “Any player who wishes to be like him, he is a big player and a respectable personality, but our way is different, although we play in the same position, some likened me to being his substitute and I am not convinced that there is no substitute for any player.”

He concluded his statements, “Whoever enters Al-Ahly club does not think one day to get out of it for many things that cannot be counted, the most important of which is discipline and commitment that you will not find in another club, for delaying training is 10 seconds like a minute like an hour, and the discount card is what speaks.”

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