FilGoal | News | Abdelhak Nuri’s father: his condition is improving and he responds to us with the movement of the eye


Ajax’s Dutch player Abdelhak Nuri said his son’s condition was better.

“Once he was discharged from hospital last December, he got better. The improvement is great at home,” Mohamed Al-Nouri told OnTime Sports.

“His family is next to him, and he feels very comfortable,” he added.

“Abdel-Haq feels us, and he responds to us with eye movements.”

Brother of Abdelhak Nuri revealed earlier, and for the first time, the player’s condition improved after he recovered from the coma that lasted for more than 3 years. (See details)

The young Moroccan fell into a coma after falling during a friendly match between Ajax and Germany’s Werder Bremen.

The 23-year-old Abdelhak Nuri is a graduate of Ajax Academy.

The Moroccan player, of Dutch nationality, played 15 games with the first team for Ajax, scoring 1 and 3 goals.

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