FIFA rules in the dispute of Raja and Mazembe over Malangu


Team confirmed Athletic please, That FIFA International Federation, Set $ ​​296,996 as the amount of material compensation that he must pay to a team TP Mazembe of CongoleseFollowing the conflict between them over the heart of the Congolese attack, between Malangu, who joined the Moroccan team during Summer Mercato the past.

The Moroccan green team, through a statement posted on its official website today, that the FIFA Confederation Chamber issued its ruling this morning in connection with this file.

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On the other hand, the statement clarified that FIFA rejected all other demands made by the Congolese TP Mazembe team, pointing out that the International Football Association, the player Malango, an official player for Al-Rajaa Sports Team, can take part in all national and international competitions in which his current team is participating.The statement added that the Congolese team demands:

– $ 5 million in compensation.

– Malango suspended from participating in any football competition for six months.

Preventing Raja from restricting any new player to two consecutive transitional periods.

He continued to inform Al-Raja Sports Club that he had taken note of the new FIFA decision, and he is awaiting the complete decision of FIFA to study other methods to defend his rights, including going to the International Sports Arbitration Court, AL-TAS, which is based in Switzerland.

On the other hand, the TP Mazembe Congolese team also posted a statement on the official website on the same subject, through which he confirmed that his administration had been informed by FIFA of the decisions and would continue its efforts to recover all his rights in this file.

The Congolese team confirmed that FIFA accepted its payments in terms of content, by recognizing the legitimacy of the contract that linked TP Mazembe, with his former striker, between Malango, and thus she ruled the latter, as a breach of its requirements, and on the Raja Sports Team being a partner in this breach.

It is noteworthy that the two teams are facing each other tomorrow, Saturday, Congolese Blombashi, in the context of the quarter-final round African Champions LeagueNote that the first leg had ended for Al-Raja Sports by two goals to zero.


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